Mark | July 2, 2019

A little about the project.

Liberated Living has been a long term project and client. Its gone through three different website updates over the past ten years, using three different website frameworks for each.

This is was designed using the Laravel framework; a very flexible and powerful  system.  Its designed to be mobile responsive and was made to have a clean, warm, with a spiritual feel to it.

Keep in mind all sites I have listed can be customized  and tailored for your needs. Feel free to contact me and ask me any questions regarding it.

An Earlier Version.

An earlier version of liberated living was using WordPress.  I still use WordPress today and feel its a very powerful framework to choose.  Especially having a flexible content management system.

The second version had a completely custom made recipe application, back-end administrative interface to add, remove and edit the recipes.  It was a great way  to showcase new recipes for the visitors.  It also included a meal planner which was integrated into the recipe application and a custom event planner application.